Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 98 - Oscar

Call me Oscar and send me to live in a garbage can on Sesame Street.  Today, I was a grouch.  Again, nothing bad happened to cause me to be so grumpy.  I just couldn't seem to get myself out of my poor mood.  I haven't used my Happy Light in a few days, so maybe that will help.

Besides glaring at people, class and sighing every time I looked out the window, the only other productive thing  I accomplished today was teaching my dance classes.  I am so impressed with my advanced tap group.  One of my girls has mastered a step in only a matter of weeks that can take months to learn and perform properly.  The other girls are really progressing quickly too.  The most I can say for my 4-6 age group tots tap and jazz class is that I survived another day.  I love kids, but I do not possess the patience to constantly hear "Teacher, I have a cousin name Lennie," and "Ms. Katie, my bird died and now he lives in a box in the dirt," while little fingers tug at the seam of my shirt.

Enough for today.  Tomorrow is going to be brutal in terms of the amount of studying to be done, so I am off to bed.  Good night!

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