Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 110 - Not a good start

I am not off to a fantastic start with my marathon training.  I missed a 3 mile run last week and I failed to do my long run today.  I'll squeeze it in during the middle of the day on Monday, but that means I'll have to bump the rest of my runs off by a day.  Ugh.  Serves me right for not getting out there and just doing it!  What was my excuse?  I didn't want to get my brand new running shoes muddy.  NOT acceptable!  

Why didn't I just run on the treadmill?  I'm not certain, but I have a feeling it has to do with laziness.  I told myself all day long that I'd "go to the gym in an hour."  Well, hour after hour went by and no trip to the gym was made.

The day was not a total loss, however.  Charlie and I spent a few hours first at the public library then at a local bakery/coffee shop studying.  I can't remember the last time I studied on a Saturday outside of finals.  Go me!  I knew there would be no time to get anything done tomorrow, so I committed to getting my Con Law reading out of the way.

I also got in a few hours of physical activity, despite not going for my run.  I put off some of my choreography for Objection and had to finish it tonight.  I was ridiculously sore from my intense workout yesterday, so the process took longer than normal.  I gingerly moved my body while attempting to avoid moves that felt like something was either cramping or tearing.  For some odd reason, I decided that the beginning of one dance and the middle of another needed A LOT of low booty shaking, which meant that I did the equivalent of roughly 100 squats.  Seeing as I get to teach these routines tomorrow morning, I'll probably get to claim another 100 squats before the weekend is over.  I'm off to rest my body in preparation of the 6 hour Objection practice tomorrow.  Good night!

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