Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 80 - FINALLY!

It is finally the last day of 2010.  This year has been tough and I have to say I'm happy to see it go.  Today started with many phone calls to my insurance company and different glass repair shops.  And then A LOT of crying.  Not only could no one in western Washington work on my car today, but once they did get the necessary piece of glass in it was going to cost over $500 to fix.  AWESOME.  The damage is really starting to add up.  New contacts and glasses alone are probably going to cost a few hundred and I can assure you these expenses were NOT in the budget.

After getting my window hazard wrapped (thanks SAFELITE!) and meeting my mom (THANKS A MILLION Moo for all you did to help get me on the road!), I was off to Spokanistan.  The drive was LONG and COLD, but Tucker and I made it.  I swear he glared at me when I pulled into the drive and he saw all the snow on the ground.

After everything that had transpired, I was not up for doing anything.  Charlie has a pretty nasty cold, so we decided to get a Papa Murphey's pizza and watch a movie.  We both fell asleep before midnight, but woke up for a few minutes at midnight to watch the broadcast of the Space Needle fireworks.

Looking back, 2010 held plenty of hardships.  I fell of a chairlift, lost my grandpa, contracts happened (worst law school class to date), diamonds fell out of my ring twice, car got broken into twice, I had an anxiety attack while on Spring Break in front of my poor brother's girlfriend (sorry again Shaina!), gained weight, etc.

On the other hand, 2010 wasn't completely awful.  My family members were healthy and for the most part happy, Charlie and I somehow kept a roof over our heads, we enjoyed a weekend with our friends at the beach cabin, celebrated friend's marriages and the births of children, Moo and I had a great time taking a road trip to San Diego, Charlie has been on the Dean's List at school for three straight quarters, I won my first two cases, and I set and am working toward some pretty exciting goals.

You tested my strength over and over again, 2010, but I survived you and have come out stronger!  On to 2011.  Happy New Year!

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