Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 87 - Let the Good Times Roll

As if the last week or so hasn't been enough fun, today we got to add a trip to the ER for stitches. Charlie and I decided to take advantage of $10 lift tickets at Silver Mountain for Jackass Day (their title, not mine).  Despite the whole me falling of the chairlift incident that occurred on January 7, 2010 (Jackass Day), we decided to give it another go.

The mountain was fairly busy, but not terrible.  The snow was perfect, but the conditions in terms of visibility were horrendous! The wind speeds must have been in excess of what is recommended for safe chair lift operation, so that's not cool.  Add in falling snow, LOTS of FOG and a narrow cat track with a steep downhill drop-off and the scene was set for Charlie's knee-first crash into a jagged rock.  JACKASS DAY STRIKES AGAIN!!!

Oddly enough, Charlie got up and skied a few more runs before we realized how serious his injury was.  He noticed some blood on the snow so we pulled up his pants to see if he had a cut that was bleeding.  I've tried to expunge the mental picture from my brain, but I'm pretty sure I saw bone.  We got him up to the lodge as quickly as possible, had ski patrol clean and bandage the area and then headed to the ER.  I don't handle blood, needles, doctors or hospitals very well, so I'll spare you the graphic details (mostly because I've also suppressed those memories).

After his local anesthetic wore off, Charlie's pain level went from a 2 to a 9 within a few seconds.  I canceled the other plans we had made for the night, got dinner to go and set Charlie up on the couch.  I CLEARLY am not cut out to be a nurse, but I'm doing my best to be there for the most recent victim of Jackass Day.

Besides Charlie only needing stitches and nothing more serious like surgery or a cast, the only good news came in the form of my report card.  I was SHOCKED by what I saw when I finally had enough cell service to check my grades.  Let's just say my lowest grade was a 'B' in evidence and I got enough 'A-'s to spell the word banana.  Now that I am certain I didn't fail any classes, I should definitely be able to graduate in December.

I'm going to bed with my fingers crossed, hoping that tomorrow is disaster free!

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