Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 78 - Oh Baby!

After a long and tedious day at work, I more than looked forward to meeting the beautiful new addition to the Addison family, baby Sarah!  I had the pleasure of babysitting the sweet little bundle of joy while Shannon and John went out to dinner.

Sarah is only 6 weeks old and is quite possibly the best baby in the universe.  She got a little fussy when she was hungry, but even her little cries are adorable (she squeaks!).  The majority of the time I was with her, she was passed out in a milk induced coma.  We watched and episode of Toddlers in Tiaras and Sarah and I practiced for her pageant debut.  She is going to be a star!

Even though I could have loved on that girl all night long, it became abundantly clear that I am not ready for a baby of my own.  I found just watching her and trying to guess at what she needed to be exhausting.  Even so, there is no way that after a long day at school I would want to do any homework if I had a baby to play with.  Much to Charlie's dismay, passing the bar must come before babies.

I stopped by one of my favorite restaurants in Puyallup to grab a salad for dinner.  When I entered, I immediately knew that something was wrong.  Two adult men were swaying and speaking loudly to the two young boys working behind the counter.  Upon further inspection, it became quite clear that these gentlemen were both homeless and inebriated (each clutching a now illegal can of 4 loko).  The man on the left grabbed on of the boys hands and held on to it while his speech got louder and more angry.  The man on the right stood over a basket of steak knives.  The situation could have gone from uncomfortable to ugly in an instant, but fortunately my presence seemed to have caused the men to grow uncomfortable and leave.  I didn't think I was frightening, but who knows...

Apparently, the man on the right had been there the night before.  I encouraged the staff to lock the doors, turn off the open sign, and to call the owner and the police.  The two men lingered outside the door and began to yell things like "WHY CAN'T I GET A WOMAN!!!!"  I am a pretty confident person who enjoys taking risks, but there was no way I was walking out that door back to my car alone.  The staff kindly insisted on ushering me out the back door and the police arrived just as I approached my car.  By the time I got home, it was after 10 and I was too tired to exercise.  Oh well, good thing I'm hiking tomorrow!

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