Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 84 - I'm Listening!

Just the other day I stated that I was going to try harder to listen to my body. I got today's message loud and clear. Every inch of my body shouted "Hey! Guess what?! You're sick!" The only exercise I got today was teaching my two dance classes. Just working with my girls was enough to leave me short of breath and exhausted. After sneezing and wiping snot on my sleeve the entire drive home, it was clear that this girl has a cold.

Not only did I not make it to the gym, but I reverted to a wimpering baby. For example, here is a transcript of the two text messages I sent to Charlie within a 1 hour window. First, "Sick sick sick. No good. No dinner. No cleaning. No exercise. Just sleep, tv and self pity." And second, "No happiness in the world."

I better feel better by tomorrow because I am in serious need of some cardio.

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