Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 106 - Just Say No!

Today seemed to drag on and on and on.  To put it succinctly, this semester's mid-week schedule sucks.  I've got more work to do than there are hours in the day.  I've got to hammer done a new study schedule and stick to it as if my life depends on it ASAP.

My only exercise came in the form of teaching my little dancers.  I had  new girl attend my tots class today.  Although she is as cute as any thing can be, the little darling JUST turned 4.  I have a few other girls who started the year at that age who really struggled, but thankfully now have gotten used to the routine.  This new girl, however, ran a muck.  I had to focus 90% of my energy on helping her understand where she was supposed to stand and what she was supposed to do, meaning I missed opportunities to work with anyone else in the class.

I focused ONLY on RHYTHM with my advanced tappers today.  We didn't do any hard steps or new tricks.  We just turned on music and tried to stay to the beat.  NOTHING gets me more frustrated than a dancer (particularly a tap dancer) who is completely unaware of the music he or she is dancing to and I blame their instructors for not making the connection early in their dance education.  Therefore, my girls are going to learn the steps and dance them to the beat of the music.  Period. 

My diet today was perfect... until 6 when I returned to GU for Community Property.  I decided to let my self have a hot chocolate as a treat for surviving the first portion of the day and it was a slippery slope from there that ended with Charlie picking up pizza for dinner.  SOOO not my fault, the chicken he was supposed to thaw was frozen solid.  The many things I ate before he got home with the pizza, however, were indeed my fault.  I think I'll try writing down what I eat before I eat it to see if that can help me identify when I am snacking out of boredom.  I've got an early morning tomorrow to prepare for class and will likely be up by 3 AM.  Hopefully that will give me enough time to get it all done.  Off to bed!

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  1. I kept a food journal when I was losing my 40 lbs a few years ago. On one side of the page I would write everything I ate and the other I would put what I did for exercise. If it wasn't balanced, I would feel very guilty and helped me fix the habit the next day. That's what I (hopefully) will do when I'm working off this baby weight!