Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 101 - Objection, Panties and Moo

Today I cleaned, cleaned and then cleaned some more.  Moo (my mother) is coming to visit for the weekend, and the apartment wasn't anywhere near mother ready.  Charlie was instrumental in making sure everything was ready.  Got to love a man who knows his may around a vacuum!

After ensuring the bathroom was sparkling, I hurried down to the first Objection practice.  Objection is a drag show fundraiser that benefits the Spokane Aids Network.  Dempsey's Brass Rail provides the venue and the queens and GU law provides the audience and back up dancers.  The goal for the day was to learn the opening number.  Fortunately, we've got a great group of performers.  As one of the choreographers, I take extreme pride in the show and excited to see how well it is coming together.

After practice, I went straight to an engagement party for one of my law school buddies.  I didn't have time to go all the way home to change, so I was the only person in attendance who wasn't dressed to the 9's and looked just slightly better than homeless.  Good thing my friends accept me as I am and I have a very healthy self-esteem!

Moo's bus (yes, the poor woman took the bus) arrived late, but I got her picked up safe and sound.  After laughing at her stories of the "interesting" people she met on the bus, we called it a night. 

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