Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 140 - Midterm

Today, I held my own intervention.  I had a bad habit that I had to kick and the time was now or never.  SO... I DELETED MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!

I spend too much time on Facebook.  WAY too much time.  It has gotten to the point that I am more interested sitting on my butt reading about other people's lives and looking at pictures from the fun things that they are doing than living my own exciting life.  I know more about some of my friends from what I've read online than from talking to them in person or over the phone.  That just doesn't seem right.  Couple that with the amount of time wasted FBing when I could be studying, and it was easy to see that Facebook had to go.

The timing of this decision was perfect, as I also had a Labor Law midterm today.  Although I had studied throughout the weekend, it was imperative that I use my time efficiently today to prepare for the exam. Without the distraction of FB, I was able to stay focused and on task (I ordinarily will read about 3-7 pages and then check FB for 10 minutes and then read some more).  GO ME!  I am not sure if the decision to be "off" of facebook will last, but I am going to at least go without until the end of the month.  At that point I'll reassess the situation.

After the midterm, I didn't want to do anything else besides crash on the couch.  So I did for awhile.  But between the tv and my lazy body was the new edition of SHAPE magazine.  And of course the girl on the front looked Uh-Mazing.  So I started to flip through to see what new weight loss tricks the editors wanted me to believe this month. 

After reading the entire magazine, it was nearly time for Gossip Girl and I did not want to miss it while at the gym.  I turned back a few pages to a workout that promised to tighten and tone.  I quickly through on a sports bra and gave it a whirl while I watched the latest shenanigans unfold for those living the privileged life on the Upper East Side.  While Chuck, Blair and Serena were scheming, I was sweating.  By the time I finished the exercises I was sore from head to toe!  Perhaps these fitness magazines occasionally do get it right!

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