Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 139 - Oscar

With a midterm tomorrow, most of today was spent studying.  Although I am typically VERY opposed to studying with other people, I did go meet my friend Corey to review some material at a local bakery.  We walked through a couple of problems that were handed out in class and discussed likely subjects to be covered on the exam.  I left feeling oddly confident that I had in fact learned something this semester and that with a little more studying I could pass this test.  In law school, this is generally a bad sign.  If you are at all feeling comfortable and/or confident, you are likely blissfully ignorant of what you really should be studying.  So, instead of resting on the fact that I seemed to have the information memorized, I went home and studied some more.

Charlie is also insanely busy right now, so I was on dinner duty.  There are only a few things that I can consistently cook well, so I went to one of my tried and true staples... Chicken pesto pasta with sun dried tomatoes. 

As I once again had put off exercising, I figured I'd go workout while I watched the Oscar's in the gym at the apartment.  Kill two birds with one stone!  NOPE!  Although I like where we live, the gym equipment maintenance leaves something to be desired.  In addition to having a broken side rail and what felt like an uneven running platform, the stupid treadmill wouldn't even turn on!  I settled for doing a few squats and returning home to watch the Oscars from the comfort of my couch with my test notes beside me.

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