Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 134 - Stink

My poor professor Milt was ill this morning, so my conflicts of law class was cancelled. I hope he gets better soon, but I'll enjoy the morning off. I got to watch the Today show while I ate my multiple-grain cheerios before heading down to Con Law 2.

So far, this is the most boring blog post to date. I'm sorry to disappoint, but it's not going to get better. Besides FINALLY registering for my marathon (I'm hoping shellingout $70 will work as extra running incentive), there's not much to report.

Because of the holiday on Monday, we followed a different class schedule then what is typical for a Tuesday. That meant needing Maggie to sub for my tots class. I got there for just the last 10 minutes. I started teaching my advanced tappers their recital routine and they seemed to enjoy it (which is good because they'll be working on it until June).

I usually have to run to community property right after dance, so I enjoyed the opportunity to hang out at the studio and catch up with my friend Maggie. I intended to stay and take the zumba class. But then in came the smelly lady with the cotton candy body spray. I am certain it was cotton candy, because I used to wear it in junior high. This woman's daughter is in junior high. She obviously uses the offensive spray to cover up the smell of cigarettes, but she's not fooling anyone. It got so bad that I started to get a head ache. The head ache rapidly progressed into a migraine. I did the first song of zumba before deciding that I had better get home before it got worse. Although I don't get migraines often, I've had enough to know that if you wait too long to grab some meds and a nap, they will quickly spiral from bad to excruciating. I warned you this would be a dull post. Just not in the mood for humor. Peace.

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