Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 115 - 3's the limit

Today was nothing more than a series of poor choices.  With the exception of going to class, I did little else that was productive despite there being plenty of school and house work needing to get done.  I planned to run in the evening, but forgot that my professor had invited the class to a local bar for drinks on him.  Run by myself at the gym... or drink for free with some friends???  Yeah, that was a tough choice.  THANKS MILT!!!

It was a fun night out with my Conflicts of Law class.  After three glasses of wine on a nearly empty stomach, I was pretty close to drunk.  So glad that Charlie came with me so I didn't have to worry about driving.

For those paying attention, however, this was yet another day with no exercise.  I can try to blame it on the weather (seasonal depression is real and it SUCKS), but at the end of the day, I have to be the one to suck it up and hit the gym.  I am trying not to wallow in my frustration over not having the will power to exercise as it seems to only make it worse.  I've got some major goals that I am determined to accomplish and there's no way I will get there if I succumb to a cyclical self-defeating depression.

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