Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 133 - Tums

What a great morning!  Tuck and I met up with the lovely ladies of B106 and baby Sarah for a walk.  Kritter, Julie, Shannon and I lived together our junior year at Wazzu.  I love how even if it has been months, we can fit right back into our friendship as if no time had gone by.  We walked and talked for over an hour before I had to head back to Moo's to pack.  Long weekends are great, but they make going back to real life so much harder sometimes. 

Charlie, Jeffery, Tucker and I drove back to Spokane and my choice of snacks did not sit well.  Apparently cheeze-its and hot chocolate are a recipe for heart burn.  I was concerned for a moment that I was experiencing a heart attack it hurt so badly.  A few tums later, however, and I was back in business.  I drove the entire way as both the boys were clearly in need of naps.  I was bummed not to have someone to talk to, but happy to have full control of the radio.

Despite being really good at a lot of things (I am a self proclaimed narcissist), it is a well known and accepted fact that I am NOT a good singer.  Don't get me wrong, it doesn't stop me from belting out the hits.  But I am painfully aware that it is enjoyable for no one other than yours truly.  When I drive, I sing.  It's a natural phenomenon similar to gravity, in that it is pointless to try to fight it.  THAT is how tired these boys apparently were.  They choose to allow me 5 hours of karaoke behind the wheel instead of volunteering to drive.  I'm fairly certain neither of them read this blog, but I'll keep you posted on who volunteers to drive the next time we head across the state.  Muah ah ah.... (that was an evil laugh for those who are not up to date with online expressions of mischief).

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