Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 124 - Everybody Line Up!

Moo and Crew - The fan club.
Objection day is finally here!  Moo, the crew and I enjoyed a nice breakfast and a lazy start to the morning.  Then Charlie, Jefferey and I had lunch with Annie (Charlie's sister).  She and her boyfriend are moving to Colorado and they were kind enough to add an extra hour to their trip to swing through Spokanistan to have lunch with us.

With some of my cute baby 1L dancers
After lunch, I took Moo and Crew downtown to see the giant radio flyer wagon and the Spokane Falls.  After a brief photo shoot, we headed home.  I had warned the ladies that I planned for us to stay out late, so Moo instituted a mandatory nap time.  Not everyone wanted a nap, but they all got one.

Then, it was time to start prepping for the show.  Five women and one bathroom is not a great ratio, but we made it work.  I had to be at the bar a few hours before the show, so they went out to dinner and dropped me off.

The show was done and over before I knew it.  We seemed to get a great reaction from the crowd and there were no "wardrobe malfunctions" (see glitter bras).  I am so thankful to all the dancers who put in so much hard work and to Page, Shaun and Megaen who logistically pulled it all together.  I am semi-sad that I won't be around to do Objection again next year, but I feel like I went out with a bang.

Haley and I before the madness

Speaking of bangs, post show I over indulged to the point of knocking my delicate noggin on a rather hard surface.  I very rarely drink, so it is safe to say that even a little alcohol would have been enough to get me tipsy.  A few drinks more and I was simply a delight.  Thank god my husband loves me, because it was a LONG night.  I never want to see a cranberry vodka again!!!  I am more than happy to return to my tea-totaling ways.  You hear that booze?!  We are through!

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