Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 122 - Wasted Time

What a long, long, LONG day.  With class at 8 AM, I was up around 5 to study.  I spent over 12 ridiculous hours at school.  I have a very strict "don't stay at school a second longer than absolutely necessary" policy.  Therefore, this day flew in the face of my moral code.  After class, I held an open objection practice for any girls who wanted a chance to practice their routines.  We had a Moot Court Honors Council Meeting at 8PM, so I was ready and willing to dance for a few hours.

A few girls stopped by during that time.  They all had their dances down, so I think they were there more to calm their nerves.  I forget sometimes that not everyone has grown up on the stage and that the fear of performing may causes butterflies to swarm in their cute little tummies.  I'm pretty sure the last time I got nervous to go on stage was in the mid 1990s.  Blood, needles and large dogs loose while I am on a long run are what make me knees shake.  I'd take lights and an audience over a large Labrador any day! 

Any way... too much time spent at school = not cool.  Moo and friends come out tomorrow so I had a ton of housework to do when I got home.  So glad they're coming out!

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