Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 129 - Step it up

After a week of near inactivity, it was time to step it up.  So I did.  I was up and at the gym at 4:30 this morning climbing the rotating stair machine.  I set the machine for 45 minutes, but at 5 minutes in I was ready to be done.  I am a morning person, but that was just too early.  Fortunately I remembered that I can watch Netflix on my phone, so I set it up to watch an episode of Lost.  The remaining 40 minutes flew by!  Thank you Richard Alpert for being such a fantastic distraction.  (If you are not familiar with Richard Alpert, google him.  He's my next husband).

In addition to class, I had a two important tasks to accomplish today. The first was VERY sad/ heart breaking/ disappointing/ etc.  I went to the DMV and replaced my California drivers license with one from WA.  It's not that living in WA is a total tragedy.  Charlie and I are happy to be closer to family and friends.  But it feels like palm trees and jogs on the beach are becoming nothing more than a distant memory of a better time.  Time to start thinking of WA as my permanent home and planning mini-vacas to the Golden State.

The second task was to judge the 1L oral advocacy competition.  Although it required yet another late night spent at the law school, I really enjoyed the experience.  The 1Ls came really prepared and presented strong arguments.  I hope some of the feedback I was able to provide will prove to be as valuable as the constructive criticism I received my first year as a competitor.

Charlie heads to Seattle for a conference in the morning, so I've got a bit to do to get him ready to go.  Off to it!

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