Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 132 - Church Juice

Determined to get my long run in this weekend, I was up and on the road early this morning.  HOLY COLD!  The temp was maybe in the high 20's low 30's and I sure felt it in my muscles as they struggled to warm up.  I did enjoy, however, that the sun was beaming and there were hardly any cars out this morning.  My usual route in Spokane runs along roads with fairly heavy traffic and I hate feeling like I am constantly breathing exhaust. 

After a quick shower, I was off to church with Moo.  She had volunteered to bring and set up coffee fellowship and I was happy to help.  Over the years, my brother and I lovingly began to refer the kool-aid provided for the kiddos as "Church Juice."  Why not just call it Kool-aid or plain juice?  Because it wasn't really either.  The liquid is either grossly lacking or far too heavy on sugar.  Well, today I got to make the church juice.  Chad will likely be disappointed that I didn't intentionally mess up the ratio, but I am happy to report that the end product most definitely was the closest to juice that I've ever had at church.

Moving on... The rest of the day was spent studying and at a graduation party for a friend who just finished her stint as a student teacher.  It's a good thing I went for a run, because I devoured a delicious chocolate cupcake topped with a square of dark chocolate.  Mmmm... Heavenly.

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