Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 136 - Snow Day

What a wonderful day!!!  For only the second time in 50 years, Gonzaga School of Law was closed due to snow.  Of course, I was already up and ready to go when the decision was made.  But that is besides the point.  I WAS STAYING HOME!!!!  On the agenda was hot chocolate, a movie and perhaps a nap.  Ahhh.... I love snow days.

In addition to all of that excitement, Tucker also made his TV debut.  I got a call from Charlie this morning who told me in an urgent voice that I need to go throw the dog out in the snow, take a picture and send it to the station.  I don't know which is worse: Charlie's request or that I agreed.  Either way, here is our poor little pooch's photo from his first TV appearance.

It turned out that the snow really wasn't that big of a deal and that the roads were fine, so Jeffery came up for dinner.  I went for a 3 mile run at the gym and we all had a great day off!  I still don't like you, snow, but I'm grateful for today.

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