Monday, April 4, 2011

Days 163 - 173 - EVEN WORSE BLOGGER

Now that Linden cup is over, I am going to make a concerted effort to get back to blogging daily.  I've been ridiculously busy, but fear not.  Little of what I've been up to is all that exciting or noteworthy.  For that reason, I'll forgo a day-by-day recap and give you a quick bullet point list of the happenings in the life of Katie L. Hilen.

In the last 10 days I:
-Joined 4 of my girlfriends in a ridiculous episode of Friday Binge eating.  After a long week, we ordered (and consumed) nearly all of the appetizers on Jack and Dan's menu.
-Later that same night, we burned off a few of those calories by bowling.

-Advanced to the final round of Linden Cup.
-Spent over 15 hours relearning all of the Linden Cup material and rewriting arguments so I could present the petitioner's side after 4 rounds of arguing on behalf of the respondent...  awesome.

-Argued in front of members of the Washington, Idaho and Montana state supreme courts.
-Lost to an awesome team of dudes, but am proud to have come in second.
 -Of course, prior to competing, I had my "good luck" blue jolly rancher... (note the blue tongue...)

-Went to yoga, did the stair machine and worked in a 3 mile run.
-Attended two make-up classes during what is supposed to be MY weekend time... Grrr....

-Went skiing in both Montana and Idaho same time (resort straddles the state line).

-Had to present an oral argument for a mid-term in Labor Law.
-Turned in a 15 page case study for Employment Discrimination.
-Celebrated a friends engagement at Twigs (had only Gorgonzola fries, a martini and cake for dinner... Whoops!)
Congrats guys!

-Celebrated my Aunt's 50th birthday with my family in Portland! (Aunt Debi, you know how to throw a party!)
-Enjoyed spending time with the little bro and his girlfriend (not to mention my mom, husband, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins).  Love all of you and miss you greatly!

I think that about covers it...  I should be back to regular blogging tomorrow and should hopefully have lots of exercise and healthy eating choices to report!

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