Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 178 - Sons of Pitches

Today, I made my softball debut.  I am the star catcher of the Sons of Pitches team in Gonzaga's intramural co-ed "C" league.  Look out world, I may have found my new calling.  Or not...

Besides flag football 1L year, this is my first organized team sport.  Up until now, I've only participated in individual sports (swimming, cross country and track) or been involved in activities that don't quite qualify as traditional "sports" (dance and cheer).  So to have a team and a position and a ball was a pretty big deal.

We lost.  MISERABLY.  But it was a heck of a lot of fun.  After realizing we had no legitimate chance of winning the traditional way, we decided to take full advantage of the league's "if a guy walks, the girl behind him in the line-up also gets to walk" rule.  That's how we scored our first and only 3 runs...  Despite our strategic plan, we still mercy rule lost 13-3.  I'm going to chalk this loss up to playing with only 8 people when we're allowed to field 10 and to the fact that we are likely at least 5-7 years older than all the undergrads out there.  We've got another game on Sunday.  The Sons of Pitches will show no mercy as we avenge our honor!  Or, we'll lose again.  Either way, I'm gonna play ball!

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