Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 187 - WINNING!!!

What a productive day!  It started early with a Conflicts make up class at 10.  I love my professor, but a 10AM class on a Sunday is nothing short of painful.  Since I was already at school, I figured I'd spend the rest of the day studying.  I've got two big projects on my plate at the moment.  I am still working on my LR&W contract and now have an Employment Discrimination case file.  I met with two of my classmates to review the case file and made a dent in the work required to complete it.  I'm not much of a fan of study groups, but I respect these guys and appreciate the opportunity to bounce ideas off of them.

This afternoon, the Sons of Pitches had our third and final softball game.  WE WON!!!  Yes, this was co-ed inter-mural C-League softball... But it was my very first team sport win.  EVER!  I am  thinking of having a trophy made and throwing myself a pizza party. (That's what my brother's baseball teams always did at the end of the season). 


My contributions to the win were minor in comparison to the three home runs hit by three of our boys.  Being the home team, we were the last to bat.  When we scored the run that put us in the lead, you would have thought we had just won the World Series.  There were chest bumps and high fives all around.  Charlie even stopped by to witness the Epic Win and took me out to the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate.  Thanks Sons of Pitches for a great season!!!

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