Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 188 - Oh Spokane...

Having not gone on my long run this weekend, I had to make up for it today.  WHAT. A. DISASTER.  I went to my first two classes and zipped home to run before needing to return for labor law.  Having checked the weather and hour-by-hour forecast approximately 4 times (of course while in class), I felt confident that I could do a quick (haha) 9 mile run and be done hours before it was supposed to rain.  

Well, it didn't rain...  But a mile into the run it started to snow.  Yes, on April 18th it snowed an inch and a half in Spokane, WA.  I believe that makes reason #582 on the list of Why I Hate Spokanistan.  If the snow wasn't bad enough, I also managed to trip and concurrently drop and shatter my iPhone screen.  It still works just fine, but it doesn't look pretty.

Sun so bright I needed to squint...
Around mile 8, it stopped snowing and I was still going strong.  Oddly enough, the sun came out and I wished I had my sun glasses.  Snow clouds loomed in the distance in all directions, but the end of my run was in the sun.  I decided to extend my usual 9 mile route and wound up doing 11.3 miles.  I'm not sure how well I'll be walking tomorrow, but for the most part I felt pretty darn good.  I will likely only do 8-9 miles next weekend while home for Easter, but will probably attempt between 13-14 miles the following weekend.  If all goes as planned, I may survive this marathon after all!  I certainly won't be setting a personal record, but I just may finish!

Of course the sun didn't last.  Here's what it looked like on my drive back down to school.

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