Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 174 - Knots

OUCH!!!!  I could hardly turn my head today without pain running up and down my back and across my shoulders.  When I get stress, I carry it in my upper back, which then gets so tight that muscle and bone are indistinguishable.  As my stress levels come down, my muscles start to relax, but the knots remain.  I know nothing about anatomy (by choice because the human body and its functions disgust me), but I assume that it isn't healthy to have shooting pain when you raise your hand that you can trace back to a solid lump of angry muscle in your back.  Needless to say, I've schedule a massage for tomorrow.  Thanks again for the X-mas present hubs!

Due in part to the back pain, I was 100% grouchy today.  I managed to crack a few smiles, but for the most part it was yet another rainy and gray Monday.  I got through my classes just fine, but did NOT use my free time efficiently.  Instead of reading ahead for Con Law or preparing for Labor Law, I chose to watch Saturday's SNL with Elton John on Hulu.  Not sure how SNL is going to help me prepare for finals...

The highlight of the day was convincing Charlie to join me for yoga.  The instructor changed some of the usual poses to create more advanced options.  I wasn't prepared to try some of them, but the few I did try wore me out.  I never knew yoga could be so exhausting.  It's not just stretching and funny breathing (as I used to assume).  Charlie did a great job considering it was his first day back since getting stitches in his knee in January.  To celebrate our hard work, we had pizza for dinner.  Baby steps...

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