Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 191 - Holy Snow!

After turning in my LR&W assignment, putting in 45 min on the stair machine at the gym and attending class, Charlie and I packed to head home for the long Easter weekend. We have made the drive from Eastern WA too Western WA too many times to count. Our parents always ask as soon as we step in the door, "how was the pass?". Our common retort is "fine." This time? "It was F'ing awful!"

There wasn't any snow on the ground, but it was snowing so hard that it was dizzying.  I had to slow to about 25-30mph and still couldn't see at all where I was going.  I put my trust in the car in front of me that he could see some sort of lines on the road, because I sure couldn't.  We made it home safely, but were ready to head straight to bed.

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