Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 196 - Like Puppies

I was still feeling pretty sick today and dreaded having to teach my dance classes tonight.  I usually love this mid-week break from all things law school related, but today I just didn't have the energy.  I even posted on my facebook that my mantra for the day was "I will not let 4 year olds make me cry."  Thankfully, my tots dancers were astute like puppies to my not feeling well.  They were extra cute, calm and kind. My advanced dancers, not so much. There may have been profanity.  These pre-teens were in rare form and it took all my strength to not kick them in the shins with my tap shoes.

After dance, I had to zip back to school for my last community property class.  Our professor spent the entire 2 hour period giving a rapid fire review of what we should expect to see on the exam.  I tried to type furiously everything he said, but I kept having to fight little coughing fits every few minutes.  Our professor is soft spoken, so  I think my classmates were about ready to kill me each time I coughed.  Sorry guys!  Shoulda kept your germs to yourself instead of getting me sick!

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