Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 192 - Meerkat Love

During a trip to the zoo (my favorite place in the whole world) with my sister Joy, I got to enjoy watching the meerkats while the meerkats enjoyed each other... Spring Fever was in full force!  Several of the animals were feeling a little frisky.  In addition to a little extra loving, Spring also means allergies.  There is definitely something in the air today making my nose itch and eyes water.

Joy and I spent several hours walking around the Zoo, so we figured that was enough exercise for the day.  I considered going for a run, but decided against it as the allergies got worse throughout the day.  Plus, I am going for an 8 mile hike tomorrow.

When I got back to the Hilen House, I was told to go change sweatshirts so we could take some sibling photos.  Here are a two of my favorites.

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