Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 176 - Not that Fondue

This was a LONG day of classes.  My bad mood persisted despite a good night's sleep.  I may have been less than pleasant to those who crossed my path.  I've been told that I'm nicer on my worst days than some people on their best, but I still feel guilty after a day when I've been terse.  I am VERY ready to be done with school, but now is the time when I need to be even more invested.  Finals are just around the corner and I've got to find a way to dig deep and get everything done.

In an effort to boost my mood, I decided to forgo pilates and try a different type of exercise.  For the first time in a DECADE, I went to BALLET.  I knew that it was probably going to be uncomfortable (I seem to have misplaced my 15 year old ballerina body...), but I didn't realize how tiring it was going to be.  To demonstrate what a fatty I've become, while doing an exercise at the barre, the instructor said "and Fondue." To fondue in ballet is to melt into a plie position, but all I could think about was hot gooey cheese on sour dough bread.

For the most part, the terms and ideas behind movements came right back to me as if no time had passed.  The physical movements themselves... Not so much.  I used to be able to lift my leg in the air and hold it above my head while balancing on my toes.  Today?  I could barely lift my leg to hip height while grasping the bar so hard my knuckles were white.  Despite the significant effort that went into the moves, I was pleasantly surprised that what I was doing actually resembled ballet.  A decade may have passed, but I can still kick, twirl and leap.  Not very well, but I can do it!

Sure enough, my mood did improve.  If Marcy (the gracious instructor who put up with my antics for an hour) will have me, I may make ballet a regular part of my new fitness routine.  Now off to find some fondue...

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