Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 180 - Cruisin

If you aren't sitting down, I suggest you take a seat.  Charlie got out of bed before 9 AM on a weekend to exercise.  No joke.  It really happened.

Charlie and I took advantage of some early morning sun by hitting the Centennial Trail.  We went for an 11 mile bike ride and it felt amazing.  I'm not much of a bike-rider, but Charlie really enjoys it so I tag along.  I have a bike that has 3 options for hardness on the left side and 7 more options on the right side.  I have no idea what these are for.  I think they have something to do with adjusting the difficulty up or down when you are going up hill, but I can't say for sure.  Although there were a few hills, I decided to just stick with a 2 on the left side and a 5 on the right.  Not sure why, but I didn't die so I'll probably stick with it next time.

In addition to the bike ride, I also had a softball game today.  The Sons of Pitches showed signs of major improvement.  I got a double and scored an RBI.  Katie Sinclair made an amazing play at third to close out an inning.  Going into the final inning, we were even a run ahead.  But alas, we lost.  We've got one more shot next Sunday to save a little face and win a game.  Like the little boy in Angles in the Outfield said "It could happen."

After the game, Charlie and I set out on a mission.  We had been tipped off to a place in the Valley that sold true California Burritos.  A lot of places in Spokanistan pretend to have California burritos, but none of them have the requisite carne asada, potatoes and fresh cilantro.  We called ahead to ensure that this place really did put potatoes in their burritos.  When they said yes, I think Charlie's heart skipped a beat and we were on our way.

It was everything we dreamed of and more.  Very little about Spokane has felt like "home", but those burritos brought back some amazing memories of our last home, San Diego.  As you can see, Charlie was so happy he was almost reduced to tears.

 I can't blame the guy.  I thoroughly enjoyed my burrito as well.  Without question, we will be back.

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