Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 190 - Leotards

I come up with a TON of GREAT ideas.  One after another, these light-bulb-above-the-head worthy ideas zip into my brain.  And then I think about them for a little longer... and let them go.  For example, today I got the genius idea to go out into the garage and dig around around in a few boxes in search of an old leotard so I could wear it to ballet tonight.  I tried it on, found and old skirt and set it near my backpack so I could take it with me for the day.  Then, after some thoughtful consideration, I realized that the "stuffed sausage" look has never been attractive.  Ever.  On anyone.  So, I let that idea go and grabbed a pair of yoga pants and a tank top.

Ballet is such a welcome change to my now typical workout routine.  Because I am still crazy out of shape, the barre exercises alone are enough to get a good sweat going.  Not to mention the whole clench your butt and every muscle up and down your core as you attempt to hold your leg in the air thing...  There's a reason ballerina's have ballet bodies.  IT IS A WORKOUT!

Tracy joined me tonight, which made class even more enjoyable.  I tried my hardest not to be a distraction, but I'm 26 and if I don't want to hold the splits anymore, no instructor who I could easily snap in half is going to make me hold them a second longer.  Tracy was much better at following instructions. 

I also pretty much finished my LR&W contract.  I'll look at it once again in the morning, but other than that I am DONE!!!  (insert party dance here).

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