Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 179 - 9 Miles and Murder

Today I ran my 9 mile route again.  It was painful, but I got it done.  I over dressed for the run, which is shocking because it must mean that the temps are finally rising in Spokanistan.  The ONLY time I prefer to be a little cooler than too hot is when I'm running.  Thankfully, Charlie met me at the halfway point with some water and took home my fleece vest and hat.

This evening, I went back in time to the roaring 20's.  A group of my peers and I won a Murder Mystery Dinner with some of our favorite professors at an auction.  As promised, it was a night full of good food, lots of laughs and of course, MURDER.  I (via my character) committed two murders.  One with an envelope opener and another with a cement filled purse.  When I got home, I enjoyed the rest of the evening cuddling with the hubs on the couch.  WINNING!

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