Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 43 - ONE?!

Just before 10 AM this morning, it was a balmy 1 degree outside.  Although the forecast warms up later this week, we apparently are going to get a ton of snow.  Again, I find my self wondering why I ever left southern California...

Although it meant braving the cold, I got myself to pilates (with weights) this morning.  There were a bunch of newbies in class.  They clearly had no idea what they had gotten themselves into.  I don't want to revel in their misery, but god bless them for being worse than me.  My self-esteem needed the boost after weeks of being shown up by ladies in their 40's. 

Besides pilates (with weights) and catching up on sleep, the only other productive thing I did today was color my hair.  It takes FOREVER, but I probably save $200-300 a year.  Hopefully the DIY color it isn't too obvious, because the budget isn't going to change for a few more years.

Tomorrow will be a full day of fitness, food and friends.  I'm going to run the Turkey Trot and play a little football in the morning before I start cooking.  This is my first solo (w/o mom) Thanksgiving meal.  I'm hoping I paid close enough attention the last two years to what my mom was doing so I don't blow it.  We'll see...

I hope you have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!

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