Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 23 - Done

I did indeed get up and do 5 at 5. That's what I call starting the day off right!

After my first class, Charlie asked me to join him for an etiquette lunch for one of his business classes. Ironically, I stood up abrupdtly from the table to take a phone call. What could have possibly been important enough to be so rude? I took a call to schedule a lunch interview for the following week, during which I'll probably need the etiquette skills I missed while away on the phone. I ate a deep fried oyster. Scratch that off the list of things you only need to try once. YUCK!

My shoulder started to hurt as the day progressed. It's not too bad when rotating my shoulder in little circles, but it hurts like crazy to raise and lower my arm as if I were asking qustion.

I've fallen asleep twice trying to finish this post. Must. Go. To. Bed. Now.

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