Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 39 - Nike

Today was all about channeling Nike. As in, "Just Do It." I'm really starting to feel the stress of the end of the semester and am having to make a conscious effort to not let myself get overwhelmed to the point that I can't focus on my brief. Once it's done, a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders.

I had a fairly large setback today when I realized I had misread an important section of the WA law I'm working with. Thank goodness I caught and corrected it while there's plenty of time left. Unfortunately, it meant having to reformat the whole flow of the brief. Such is life. Make a mistake, recover, move on.

I got limited physical activity and ate pure junk. I took Tucker for a long walk and to play catch this morning and did a few sit ups during a study break tonight. Otherwise, the only calories I burned were those from shaking from anxiety. Tomorrow I hope to get up early for a 5 mile run. I'm assuming Charlie will choose to sleep in (it is his birthday after all), so I'll hopefully be able to exercise and put in a few hours of work before he wakes. After that, it's 100% non-stop birthday fun. Maybe. It sounds like Charlie has a lot of homework this weekend too, so this may be a birthday spent with the books.

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