Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 8 - Busted!

Whoops!  Today I was totally busted by this guy, Vitaliy Mkrtchyan.  I've asked my friends to help keep me accountable to my fitness goals and as this picture depicts, Vitaliy clearly did not approve of my mid-day meal choice.

I failed to make time to pack a lunch today.  I rushed out the door for hair appointment and left my rabbit food behind.  While I enjoy some leafy greens from time to time, I'd just about always prefer a big plate of nachos.  Mission Possible (a service group on campus) sold me some of the most delicious nachos piled high with meat, cheese, salsa, guilt and just a dollop of regret.  

They weren't the healthiest choice, but they were sold for a good cause.  The proceeds were donated to a woman in Honduras battling breast cancer.  My grandmother fought and beat breast cancer several years ago and I'd like to think that some woman somewhere along the way would have broken her diet and eaten a pile of nachos in her honor.

After attending class and a small social function, I was ready to put on my p-jammies and curl up on the couch.  BUT, today was an exercise day.  I had planned to run, but the only treadmill available at the gym was right in front of the door.  I am fairly certain I'm not the ideal spokesmodel for Oz Fitness at this time.  I did both the gym and my self-esteem a favor and went to my second favorite machine, the original Rotating Step Stairmaster!

In 2007, the Stairmaster helped me get my rear in gear for Sea Gal auditions.  I was excited to be reunited with an old favorite.  I was even more excited to explore the exercise options listed under the "more workouts" button.  I was going to stick with the tried and true "Fat Burning" routine until I came across the mysterious and intriguing "Random Play." 

What could this "Random Play" possibly entail?  Could I handle the "Random Play"?  Could the "Random Play" handle me?  I wasn't sure, but I was certainly determined to find out.

Apparently, "Random Play" loosely translates to "keep stepping while trying not to fall off and break your face."  The machine would speed up and slow down without warning.  You are a tricky beast, "Random Play," but you have been bested.

In 45 minutes, I climbed 3.28 miles and burned around 400 calories.  Not bad for a days work!

Tomorrow will be busier than normal as I am the liaison to a visiting WA State Supreme Court Justice.  I have to be at school at 8 AM.  Yuck.  I have always been a morning person, but lately I've grown rather fond of not needing to ready for public viewing until closer to 10 AM.  Sorry Justices, I haven't had any "beauty sleep" for over a year and a half now.  That said, I had better get to bed for some "slightly better than average on most days sleep."  Goodnight!

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