Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 6 - Ugh

Today I experienced the power of the blog. I had planned to get up and exercise at 9 this morning. Didn't happen. Then I promised myself that I'd go right after Ellen. Didn't happen. With out a doubt, I was going to go to the gym the second I finished writing my opening argument. Guess what?! Didn't happen.

As I was watching the end of House, a swell of shame washed over me. Was I really going to sign on tonight and have nothing positive to report for the day? I had been wearing gym clothes all day, so all I had to do was pick up my car keys, walk to the car and drive to the gym. It sounds easy, but it took a good 5 min. of mental pep-talking to suck it up and go.

Once at the gym, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. When I run indoors, I fully depend on music to get me through. Tonight, it was River Deep, Mountain High from the last Glee episode. Love It!

The run felt great with the exception of my left foot/ankle. I started to get a weird pain going from my heal up to that nobby ankle bone thing. I don't think it is anything serious, but I'll probably stick to lower impact exercises for the next few days. I hope you had a great start to your week!

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