Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 15 - Habit

They say it take two weeks to develop a habit.  So far, it seems to be true.  This was another tough day.  The stress of school is REALLY getting to me right now and I am constantly on the verge of a complete mental breakdown.  Ordinarily, these feelings would drive me towards a comfort food (taco bell and/or chocolate), my pajamas and a few hours on the couch. Today, however, when I felt completely overwhelmed my first thought was "I better get to the gym."  Ta-da!  Progress!

I've heard that yoga and pilates are not only great for the body, but for the mind as well.  I figured I could use a little ZEN in my life right now so tonight I gave PiYo a try.  It was a combo pilates (pronounced pill-AH-tees) and yoga class.  It was awesome.  I was definitely the new kid in class.  The 57 year-old man next to me was able to bend further and hold posses longer than I could.  I know it's not about competition, but let's face it, I've never done anything in my life with out it being somewhat competitive.  You may have bested me this time old man, but I'm coming for ya!

When I left the gym I felt thinner, happier and stress free.  I could get used to PiYo.

I haven't really changed my diet yet.  In fact, tonight I enjoyed a few pieces of homemade chicken pesto pizza and a full glass of white wine.  It was WAY more calories than I needed.  I want this quest for fitness to be long lasting and don't want to get burnt out by turning my life upside down (while struggling to keep my head above water in school).  So, for this month I'll continue to eat as I normally do while focusing on re-incorporating exercise into my daily routine.  Next month I'll proactively work on eating healthier.  I can already tell, however, that consistent exercise is making me want to eat healthier.  I feel gross when I choose (like tonight) to pig out.  Well, this little piggy is going to bed.  Goodnight!

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