Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 11 - Date Day!

Sometimes you just need a day with the one you love. Because of our work and school schedules, Charlie and I are basically just really awesome roommates who occasionally pass each other in the hall during the week. The weekends are when we get to spend some quality time with each other, but either he or I have been out of town for the last two weekends. Long story short, we were WAY over due for a good date.

We headed out to Green Bluff farms to do a little apple picking and pumpkin selecting. It was foggy and drizzling most of the day, but we still had a great time. I found a cute little pumpkin that was sold to me by a cute little old lady on her cute little farm. It was cute.

Charlie chose the biggest pumpkin he could possibly find that had an appropriate carving surface for his cartoon character of choice.  After that, we headed out in to the orchard for some apple picking.  The rain was really starting to come down, so we didn't pick for too long.  We tried to get enough apples to make an apple pie.  Then we realized we had no idea how to make an apple pie, how many  apples it would take and that there are lots of places that sell pre-made pies.  Done and done.

After the pumpkin patch, we headed home for a quick nap and to make our traditional Halloween sugar cookies.  Then, while Charlie loaded the truck, I took Tucker for a half an hour walk.  The only other exercise I got today was loading and setting up all of our DJ gear.  That's right, we spent another Saturday hanging with the high schoolers.  In case you didn't know, Charlie and I have a small DJ business, In The Mix Events.  During the fall, we spend a ridiculous number of weekend nights laying down the hottest tracks for sweaty teenagers who are without a doubt having the MOST AMAZING NIGHT EVER, that they will never ever forget because they are with their one true love who they will love forever and ever.  Yep, it's awesome.

We're currently watching SNL with Jeffrey, but I'm about ready to call it a night.  As is frequently the intent (but rarely the reality), I plan to get up and run in the morning.  The goal is 5 miles.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Good night!

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