Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 12 - Check!

What a productive day! I'm very pleased with how many things got checked off my "to-do" list. The day started with the unpacking of last night's DJ gear. The gear must have sensed the sarcasm in yesterday's post because it sought revenge on my back this morning. As I pulled something out of the truck, every muscle in my lower back cramped up. The in-laws were waiting on us to finish so they could get on the road, so I didn't want to take a 10 minute "poor me" whine break. I sucked it up and finished, but was silently cursing in my head the entire time.

Thankfully, the pain didn't last long. I had yet to go for my run and was determined to do 5 miles. I had planned to go first thing in the morning, but the weather kept taunting me. There would be a 15 minute sun break, so I'd stop what I was doing and get ready to run. By the time I'd get to the door, golf ball sized raindrops were splashing off the cement back at me. I finally gave up and headed to the gym. I am proud to report that I finished all 5 miles on the treadmill while watching the end of the Seahawks game. Go Hawks!

Between exercise attempts, Charlie and I decorated our Halloween shaped sugar cookies. It took some experimenting to get the frosting just right, but we eventually got there. Sadly, there was a lot of tasting and calories involved in the process.

Charlie and I had a ton of studying to do. We set aside a few cookies for us to enjoy (I saved 5 for myself so I could have one each day this week), and took the rest down to share with the other poor souls spending their weekend in the GU library. I have to give a quick shout out to my good friend Caitlin for keeping me accountable. I promise not to sneak any of Charlie's cookies or devour the left over frosting. Love ya!

Here's to the start of a hopefully productive week! Goodnight.

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