Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 10 - In-Laws

The in-laws are coming! THE IN-LAWS ARE COMING!!!  Why is it that you never know how filthy and disgusting your living quarters are until the day your extended family comes to visit?  Charlie and I (mostly Charlie) spent the day scouring the apartment and marveling at how shiny our counters can be once properly scrubbed.

It's Parent's Weekend at Gonzaga, so Jeff and Becky (Charlie's parents) came out to visit Jeffrey (Charlie's little bro) at GU.  We, however, reap the benefits of Becky's home cooking.  This time she brought out my all-time favorite food.  LASAGNA.  It's warming in the oven as we speak.

Thank goodness I already got my run in for the day.  Otherwise, I might be tempted to pull a Garfield and eat so much lasagna that physical activity is literally impossible.  My run tonight was a race against the sun, but it felt UH-MAZE-ING!!!  Last night I just barely did 3 miles and had to walk some.  Tonight I did just about 3.5 miles outside and didn't need walk at all.  The temperature was comfortable and the fresh air felt fantastic.

By the time I got home it was definitely dark.  I'll need to make sure I take off earlier in the evening if I'm going to continue working out at night.  Although my level of fitness is steadily improving, I am in no shape to be trying to out run any bad guys.

I'm off to enjoy dinner with the fam.  Have a great weekend!

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