Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 1 - Here we go!

Today marks the beginning of what I hope to be the most adventurous summer of my 25 years. I'll be running a marathon in May, climbing Mt. Rainier in July and hitting the sandy shores of Maui (while looking awesome in bikini) in August.

For the record, as of today (October 13, 2010), none of these things seem remotely possible. I am an overweight law student who spends more hours doing and avoiding homework than any form of physical activity. I teach a weekly jazz/tap combo dance class to a group of 5 year-olds, but other than that, I have no workout routine.

This was not always the case. In fact, I used to be quite a catch. I ran a marathon in Australia, ran/walked one in San Diego and used to be an NFL cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks. Needless to say, that was over 3 years and 30 pounds ago.

And while I'm being honest, let's talk numbers. In May of 2007, I weighed in at an all-too-skinny 130lbs. Those were the professional pom pom days. Today, the bathroom scale hinted at a slightly larger number. And by hinted, I mean SHOUTED in a florescent blue light. And by slightly, I mean 34lbs. That's right. All of my awesomeness adds up to a less-than-healthy 164lbs. I'll allow a moment for the shock and horror to wear off...

I assume that you've regained your composure since you've continued reading. I have found peace in my new body. It's my wardrobe that's having trouble adjusting.

All of that, however, is about to change. I'm not exactly sure what "the plan" is going to be, but I'll be happy to share what I learn along the way.

For now, I'm going to finish my plate of nearly 2,000 calories of deep-fried Mexican deliciousness and think about how I'll squeeze some form of exercise into my evening. Wish me luck!


  1. Luck is the wrong thing to wish someone at the start of a journey like this. Instead, I wish you strength, endurance, breathe, and relaxed muscles. ;)

  2. I've been there, lady! (Almost the same numbers too) YOU GO GIRL! YOU CAN DO IT! :)