Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 49 - Break?

I am SOOOOO ready for a break from everything!  Although I can feel that I'm getting physically stronger, I am mentally exhausted. 

Besides working on my CWR paper, today I watched a ridiculous amount of snow fall and taught my dance classes.  My little dancers couldn't have been cuter if they tried.  The snow prevented a few girls from coming to class and I really enjoyed being able to give the girls who did come some individual attention.  If I was the kidnapping type, I definitely would have brought one of the girls home as my new daughter. 

And then there's my advanced tappers.  They totally crack me up.  They're 100% pre-teens and it shows.  They get so nervous and embarassed, but at the same time have no trouble sassing off.  I fully support a playful banter in my class, because I would much rather them be goofy and playful than bored to death.  For example, one of my girls said "Ugh, I just keep doing it on the wrong foot" after not really trying to correct her mistake.  My reply was "You know what the solution is?  Just do it right next time."  She looked at me shocked, giggled and then tried again.  Teaching dance does cut in to my study time, but it has really turned out to be a great outlet for creative side. 

Back to writing.  Have a good night!

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