Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 64 - Tree

I slept in until 9ish this morning, but didn't get out of bed until closer to 11.  It was UH-MAZ-ING!!!  After my complete calorie overload last night, I decided not to waste anytime and headed straight to the gym.  I put in 45 minutes on the rotating step machine and felt each and every last step.

After the gym, I showered and watched an hour or two of television in my towel.  No need to rush the whole dressing and getting ready process today!  Later Charlie and I went across the street to Spokane Boys and selected our Christmas tree.  Due to our finals schedules, this was the first opportunity we had to start decorating for the holidays.

Charlie put up the exterior lights while I worked on the tree.  He then helped me with the ornaments.  Although this will only be our third married Christmas together, it is fun to look back the ornaments we've collected or been given over the years together.

After another successful dinner in the Nu-Wave oven, Charlie and I headed to the gym for PiYo.  My friend and former WSU dance teammate Tracy joined and we all got our butts worked.  I'd like to say after my junk food binge yesterday, that today's consumption was healthier.  For 95% of the day it was.  Then, I felt the urge to have a bowl of ice cream.  I suppressed the urge for a good 45 minutes, but eventually lost the battle and sat down with two scoops of mint chocolate chip.  At least there weren't any cookies... right?

I'll try again tomorrow.  Good night!

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