Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 54 - It starts...

Tomorrow is my first final, so it is highly likely that my blog posts will be short and less exciting for the next 9 days.  I keep reminding myself of that wonderful number.  9.  In 9 days this semester will be over.  9 days and I will be on winter break.  9 days and there will once again be joy in my life.  Sadly, within those 9 days are 3 finals.

The first is constitutional law.  I can't particularly say this is an area that electrifies my desire to practice law.  I suppose it's good I'm getting it out of the way first.

I hit the gym this morning to workout some of my pre-finals nervous energy.  I did the stair machine for 45 min, but it felt like 3 hours.  After all the leg work I did the day before, my poor gams were begging for mercy 5 minutes in to the sweat session.  And trust me, there was sweat.  My hair looked I had just taken a shower by the time I was done.  I may not have been attractive or pleasantly scented as I left the gym, but everyone whose senses I infiltrated knew I worked hard.

The rest of the day has been spent immersed in my notes.  I met with some friends at a bakery to study for a few hours, studied at home for a few hours, studied with Charlie and Jefferey at GU for a few hours and here I am back home about to study for a few more hours.  They really could turn this day into blockbuster movie.

I hope your week includes zero finals.  If you do have a few, I hope they are as painless as possible.  Have a great week!

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