Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 61 - To Do

The day's "to do" list was a mile long, but most everything got done. I went straight from bed to the gym. The rotating stair master machines were occupied by two large a ridiculously sweaty men. If I had taken the remaining machine between them, I would have gotten soaked in their perspiration and then probably thrown up. That's not exactly how I prefer to start my Sunday mornings. I did the plain non-rotating stair master instead. After my 30min were up, I lifted a few weights and headed home.

We had a dance studio instructor lunch at the Davenport. The food was fantastic and I hope to be able to go back with the hubs sometime soon. I owe an apology to Brian, my good friend and studio owner Maggie's husband. The poor guy asked me how I was doing and I started to tear up. The stress of the second week of finals is upon me in full force and today I struggled to keep my composure.

I spent a few hours at the library after lunch, took a Hilen family x-mas photo, enjoyed dinner at one of Charlie's co-worker's houses and am now ready to call it a night. I haven't been in two weeks, but I am fully looking forward to Pilates in the morning.

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  1. Did he ask you if you were taking sales?? Or is there another law school related question that triggers tears?