Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 56- Not Now

Other than going to bed early with a killer headache, today was a pretty great day.  Like most Tuesdays, I taught my two dance classes.  This was the last time the classes would meet before the winter break, so the girls were encouraged to bring their families and friends to watch.  I taught each class a short routine to perform for their families.  My little girls were simply adorable and my advanced tappers were fantastic!

After dance, I printed off some study material at GU and hurried up to Zumba.  Everyone LOVES the Tuesday night instructor and the class is always packed.  I had a great time dancing, but my arms were killing me and I couldn't figure out why.  They hurt so bad that I considered bailing halfway through the class.  It wasn't until the drive home that I realized it must have been Yoga from the night before that left me so sore.  Although you don't realize it at the time, you do a lot of push ups in Yoga as you transition from different poses.  OUCH.

I plopped down on the couch to watch Glee, started to get a headache and went to bed.  Charlie stayed late to study at school and apparently called me after I was asleep.  I am fully capable of having complete conversations in my sleep, but it sounds like all I said before hanging up on him this time was "Not now, already sleeping."  Poor Charlie, it's a good thing he loves me.

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