Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 67 - Couch

Nearly all of my day was spent on the couch.  This is not a fact I am proud of, but I am committed to reporting the truth.  Charlie and I watched a few movies and several episodes of Lost before we bothered to get up and do something with the day. 

We took Tucker for a great walk and then hit the gym.  I swam for 40 minutes and called it a night.  My arms were sore, but I oddly felt like I had energy for the first time that day after my workout.  Just goes to show that laziness only breeds more laziness. 

We picked up a puzzle after dinning at Round Table pizza (I swear I'll get my diet under control soon) and worked on that for the rest of the night as we watched some more Lost and SNL.  I am hoping that the overarching theme of tomorrow will be productivity to counterbalance today's severe lack of ambition to accomplish anything. 

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