Friday, May 20, 2011

Days 217 - 230 - MEGA UPDATE

Yeah, I've sucked at blogging lately.  I've also sucked at exercise and eating healthy (which is probably why I haven't been more excited to blog about my over-all suck-fest).  ANYWAY, here is a brief recap of my last two weeks.

The primary adventure of of the last two weeks revolved around my little bro's graduation from San Diego State University.  To get there, I took an overnight train to Seattle.  The train was behind schedule due to some flooding in Montana, which meant I got to spend some extra time with the drunk and homeless of Spokane in the train station at 2AM.  I don't know how the poor security guard kept his composure after being spit on by an extremely intoxicated man and then repeatedly called a racist as he asked another young man to show his ticket or leave the building.  I was VERY happy when the train finally arrived and I could get away from the madness.

The majority of the trip was in the dark, so I tried to get some sleep.  Once I woke up, I enjoyed looking at the scenery of this beautiful state.  For awhile.  The joy didn't last.  As most know, I am not exactly patient and this trip was taking WAY too long.
The train started out fun!
Then I got pretty bored...
And around the 6th hour I was pretty much over it.
Once I arrived in Seattle, I had several hours to kill before meeting my mom at the airport.  I dropped off my luggage at the law firm I worked at back in 2007 and went on a photo tour of my old city.  The weather was PERFECT.  Sunny and about 70 degrees.  I walked from the ferry docks down along the water and then up to the Space needle.  I explored all around the Space Needle and Seattle Center before following the monorail track back to Westlake Center.  I grabbed a baggle for lunch in Pike Place market and then meandered back towards the office.  Needless to say, my exercise today came in the form of a several hour walk/hike.  I then took the new light rail from downtown to the airport.  SUPER convenient.  Moo just barely made our flight, but after taking a plane, train, automobile and light rail, we finally arrived safely in San Diego.

There was never a dull moment in SD.  Here's a quick visual tour of our trip:
I FINALLY got to meet the newest addition of the Moss family and my new favorite baby boy, Isaiah!
Went for an amazing run on the beach (why did we ever move away?!)
Helped my little Cuz surf for the first time
Enjoyed a Padres game and wasn't too disappointed to see the Mariners actually win...
Made Chad Sandy Egos for graduation breakfast (Egos with cinnamon and sugar)
Took a TON of grad pics of the bro around Balboa Park
Cheered on Chad as he GRADUATED!
Not pictured, but still an awesome part of our trip were a day spent in San Clemente with some great family friends, LOTS of good food and an epic dance battle.  Chad's roommate Greg challenged me to a round of Dance Central on the Xbox.  Greg believed himself to be the ultimate champion of this game and was certain he could not be beaten.  He went so far to state that once he beat me, a former NFL cheerleader, that he would never need to play the game again.  I, always up for a fight, told him that I would beat him even though I had never played the game before, I had a sprained ankle (I re-rolled it, awesome) and recently had acquired a giant blister on the bottom of my foot (stupid flip flops).  Let's just say it wasn't even close.  Despite his best efforts, I was still able to whoop Greg's butt while he played on "easy" and I played on "hard."  Sorry Greg.  Maybe next time.

I was crazy sad to say good bye to the bro and So Cal, but I had to get back to Spokanistan to start work at the Unemployment Law Project.  I (and the other 4 interns) had orientation Mon-Wednesday and then started my regular hours on Thursday.  I think I am really going to enjoy my experience with this organization.  In addition to work, teaching tap, a few jogs and LOTS of walking, the highlight of the week was getting to see Wicked with the hubs.  

I have been in love with the Wicked soundtrack for a few years now and have been dieing to see a live performance.  Charlie heard about a way to get last minute tickets via a lottery system and went downtown to try his luck. Despite there being over 150 people vying for only 20 tickets, Charlie was the first name called and snagged us seats in the third row!

The show was unbelievably amazing.  Holy Cow, could the lead actresses could sing!  Their voices were both tear and shiver inducing.  I stole a few glances at Charlie during the show and he either had a grin from ear to ear (during a light hearted number) or was sitting on the edge of his seat fully engrossed in the performance.  We both agreed that we would need to see it again, soon!

In other exciting news, CHARLIE GOT A JOB IN SEATTLE!  He will be starting at Northwest Cable News on June 13th.  He is really excited about the work he will be doing and the people he'll be working with.  I am thrilled that our plan to return to Seattle seems to be falling into place, but am bummed about the prospect of spending 9 weeks in Spokane alone.  Expect many-o-cranky blog posts to come.

Saturday, Charlie and I walked around Couer D'Alene for a bit so I could pick up my 1/2 marathon packet.  Sounds healthy, right?  Wrong.  We found this place:
They had cupcakes in all flavors and varieties.  I was particularly intrigued by the maple and bacon cupcake and the Raspberry Cheescake Cupcake, but ultimately choose a DELICIOUS carrot cake cupcake.  Charlie went for red velvet.  There were a lot of other flavors I was eager to try.  When I'm feeling a little down this summer about being out here alone, I may choose to come back to this store and eat my feelings.  Honesty is the best policy, right?

It was long overdue, but that wraps up the recap.  Tomorrow is race day!  Kinda wishing that my training hadn't dwindled off so badly after that great 11 mile run back on Day 188.  Oh well, if I put one foot in front of the other, I'll eventually cross the finish line.

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