Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 200 - Lame

For the most part, today was lame.  Nearly all of my morning was spent at the library reviewing answers with my Conflicts of law group.  Although I love my professor for this class, I can't stand the material.  It is all procedural law.  Procedural law = BORING!!!  I like the exciting stuff, like when an employer chooses to throw out test results for promotions out of fear of being called discriminatory (only the white employees scored high enough for the promotion), but instead was then sued by the white employees for race discrimination.  That is WAY more fun than trying to decide whether Alabama or Kentucky law should apply to a case.

Since I am planning to go for a LONG run tomorrow (and am still coughing up junk every 15 min), my exercise was limited today to a long walk with Charlie and Tucker.  It was great to be outside enjoying the nicer (still not nice) weather with my boys.  The rest of my evening was spent washing and folding 7 (YES, SEVEN!!!) loads of laundry.  At least I got to enjoy a funny movie while I folded.  If you haven't seen Easy A, I fully recommend it.  Gotta love Netflix!

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