Monday, May 9, 2011

Days 203-209 - Many Varieties of Pain

The last week has been a serious suck-fest.  Between physically injuring myself and being emotionally and psychologically injured by law school, I am ready for a VACATION!

Tuesday was just awesome.  I got approximately 3 hours of sleep, as I needed as much time as I could find to cram for my community property final.  Before the exam, however, I had to teach my dances class. I rolled my ankle teaching my little 4 & 5 year olds how to do "sassy walks."  I've rolled my ankles a bazillion times before, but this one was BAD.  Had I not been teaching class, a long series of swear words would have streamed from my lips in a shrieking and violent fashion.  Alas, I was left to silently compose myself while hobbling to the side of the room.  My ankle popped so loudly that I heard one of the parents in the back exclaim "Did she break it?!"

I still had to teach my advanced tap class on my throbbing ankle.  Fortunately, we are at the point in the year where I can ask them to do something across the floor and they are able to do it without needing me to demonstrate first.  Still, the experience was not enjoyable.  After all that, I got to take my final.  It wasn't all that bad, but my professor did manage to somehow squeeze in a question on nearly EVERY subject we covered during the entire semester.

It wasn't until after I got home and took off my shoe that I realized how badly I had hurt myself.  Every time I tried to step on it, a wave of nausea washed over me.  I iced and elevated it right away and continued to do so for the next 24 hours.  That said, Wednesday was spent in bed reviewing Constitutional Law and editing Conflicts of Laws answers.

Thursday was my Conflicts of Laws exam.  It was 100% a typing test.  We were able to work in groups to prepare answers in advance that we could bring in to the exam.  We would then have 3 hours to re-type the answers during the exam period.  Apparently, I am too slow of a typer, because I was unable to finish the final answer.  I really try not to complain about the grades I receive, but I have a hard time understanding how this type of examination measures anything other than rewarding those who can type the fastest.  We all had the same answers, but those with the highest words per minute will wind up with the highest grades.  Grrr....

Most of Friday was spent at the library preparing for Con Law.  I don't usually create outlines for my courses because I take my class notes in outline form.  That said, my class notes were FAR too detailed, so I spent about 10 hours boiling everything down to a 19 page outline.  Besides the 3 hours I stopped to sleep, the remaining time leading up to the exam was spent memorizing my outline and listening to this:

I probably listened to the Glee cover of Friday at least 42 times within a 24 hour period.  While sitting in the courtroom before the exam, I'm sure my classmates thought I was having a seizure as I danced in my seat while listening to it on my ipod before the exam.  Some people drink to relieve stress.  I listen and dance to Glee.  Get over it.

After the exam, I hurried home to take a nap.  Later that night, Charlie and I had the privilege of DJ'ing a prom down town.  Being three exams into finals week coupled with not being able to exercise at all to blow off steam, sticking me in a room with a bunch of teenagers and loud music was enough to push me over the edge.  By the end of the night, I was a total grouch and just wanted to go home.  I will be owing Charlie big time in the future to make up for the temper tantrum I threw during the take down process.

Fortunately, Sunday was much more enjoyable.  After many apologies and a few tears (did I mention I am also PMS'ing?), Charlie and I settled in on the couch with a bottle of wine and enjoyed a couple hours of mindless television.

I've got one more final on Tuesday and then a few weeks of FREEDOM.  And get this... THE SUN IS GOING TO COME OUT!!!  I don't care if I burn to a crisp.  I will be enjoying some serious vitamin D.

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