Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 198 - Guilty

WOO HOO!!!! Today was my last day of classes for the semester!  Although I will be taking 3 classes over the summer, this was also my last day of a full semester at GU.  Too bad there was no time to celebrate.  Besides class, I spent the first portion of the day working on my employment discrimination case file.  My goal had been to finish this before Easter...  That clearly did not happen.  I should be done LONG before it is due tomorrow at three.  IF I am able to sit down and finish it without getting interrupted every 15 min, that is.  I love some (definitely not all) of my law school classmates and would ordinarily enjoy taking a study break to chit chat with them.  Today, however, I needed them to go away so I could focus.  Love you guys

Besides working on employment discrimination, I also got to play the roll of a murderer.  I volunteered to help out a classmate who is taking a trial advocacy class and needed a witness for her final project.  I didn't know until today, that I had been given the part of the pregnant girlfriend with cancer who was willing to admit to murder (that she may or may not have committed) in order to get her boyfriend who had been accused of the crime out of jail.  Every now and then, law school can be a little fun.  But only a little.  Now back to finish this darn case file!

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